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The seeds of the Holy Trinity Episcopal Foundation were planted more than 50 years ago, following the 1966 Parish stewardship canvas. As is often the case in our church and most others, there were significant budget challenges facing our Christian community, prompting Jim Salter to talk with Rector Earle Page about starting a foundation to act as a financial complement to the annual church budget. In 1968 the Holy Trinity Episcopal Foundation was born.

As the Foundation’s assets have grown over the years and it has become more of an integral supporter of our Parish budget, it has become more and more necessary to provide as much transparency as possible to the members of the Parish. During The Rev. David Pittman’s tenure as Rector, those efforts at transparency increased, and interim Rector The Rev. Kerry Robb helped the Foundation understand the need to make all its year-end financial information available in the church office. During The Rev. Loch’s tenure the Foundation continues to work toward being as transparent as possible (while still respecting any desire for donor confidentiality), and this website is a further move in that direction.

Over the years what started with a meager endowment has grown with a variety of generous gifts of all sizes from dedicated parishioners. Some parishioners have remembered the Foundation in their wills over the years, proving to be one of the most substantial mechanisms for the Foundation’s growth. Some have given direct gifts during their lifetimes and been able to see the fruits of their donations. The Foundation has been able to add substantial real-estate holdings to its portfolio. The city block behind Holy Trinity Church facing Main Street belongs to the Foundation, as does a parking lot at 305 N. Main St.

The history of the Foundation includes tremendous generosity on the part of Holy Trinity Parishioners. The time, talent and treasure they have devoted to the Foundation over the years has been truly exemplary. The FUTURE of the Foundation, however, is in your hands. As you read this, we hope you will consider ways you can take a part in ensuring the continued success of your Foundation. If you wish to discuss ways you can become a part of the Foundation’s “future history” and make a lasting impact on our Parish with your legacy, Jim Salter today.


If you’ve already made the decision to include the Foundation in your will, thank you! We would love to hear from you, but if you choose to keep that information to yourself, we certainly understand. We have provided sample language on this site to help make the process easier for you and your legal advisors.

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  • Holy Trinity Episcopal Foundation, Inc.
  • 3940 NW 16th Blvd, Bldg B
  • Gainesville, FL 32605
  • P: (352) 372-4721, ext. 114
  • F: (352) 375-1797
  • Dawn@htefgnv.org